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Graduated HKU Fashion Design | July 2024


Wearable art is the lens through which I view my craft. As a creator, I bring my fascination and love for nature, color, and storytelling with me. By wrapping these passions around the body, they become a constant presence for both the wearer and the observer, no matter the time of day or the occasion.


My inspiration and drive come from my roots in Groningen, the foundation of my passion for visualization. By staying connected to the idea of home, I create pieces that act as both physical mementos and narrative vessels, maintaining a perpetual connection to a sense of home. Each image and silhouette remains open to interpretation, allowing new narratives or imagery to continuously emerge alongside my artistic journey.


The creation of wearable art is achieved through the careful selection and combination of materials, often discarded, each with its own unique history. These materials become the canvas on which I paint. My artistic signature and the unique identity of each piece are defined by my brushstrokes. From formulating my own pigments to crafting individual narratives, each piece undergoes a transformation. Through the intricate textures of hand-painted designs, the garment comes to life, offering a truly unique experience to the wearer. Each creation is one-of-a-kind, fostering a sense of belonging wherever it may be worn.

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-06-26 om 22.49.41.png
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